Authentic Self | How to overcome adversity & grow your business | Episode 17

Everyone encounters adversity when starting a business but not everyone has the tools to overcome the challenges they face. The good news is that overcoming adversity is a skill that anyone can develop through the proper guidance and support. The bad news is that if you don’t face the challenges as they arise they can pile up and result in utter disaster.

A recent statistic that we talked about on this show was how only 15% of the population filed their taxes as a sole proprietor or business owner. Why is it that during “The Great Resignation” so many people are still stuck at ground zero when it comes to starting a business? The unfortunate reality is that so many people believe that they’re not cut out for it even though they are exactly the kind of person that SHOULD be starting a business.

It’s easy to look for guidance and support in your peer group but if the people you ask about your business haven’t traveled that path in their life the information and feedback they provide may be skewed in the wrong direction. If they haven’t developed the skills to overcome adversity they may be leading you down the wrong path. The worst part is that you tend to believe what they tell you because it confirms your own belief that your idea isn’t good enough. And we don’t want that to be your reality…

In this episode we have a conversation with Jewel Frazier about how to overcome adversity and face your challenges head on with authenticity and ambition so you can build your empire!

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