How To Sell | Do you want to sell more and grow your business? | Episode 11

If you want to learn how to sell you need to understand people. We are always in the business of selling something to someone whether we’d like to admit it or not. When it comes to selling in business though it’s important to think of the person you are serving.

What is motivating them? And how do you even find that out? Well, it starts with your line of questioning. It’s your job to lead someone down the path towards a decision that’s going to be beneficial to all parties.

You should be aiming for a win-win-win situation. You win because you maximize your opportunity to earn more, they win because they leave feeling heard and appreciated, and your business wins because it gets to grow to serve more people.

In this episode we have a conversation about developing an anchor product, building relationships with the people you want to serve, and ascending them through your value ladder so that you can build your empire!

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