Bulletproof Confidence | How to trust yourself and build a business | Episode 27

Have you ever struggled with feeling confident in your day to day business dealings? How about when it comes to managing your team or solving problems? Do you trust yourself to be able to navigate complicated situations? If you hesitated with your answer you may be suffering from a mild case of imposter syndrome. Don’t worry though! This episode will help guide you through the process that Mitch Harley follows to stay in that comfortable, confident flow state without risking your reputation or coming up short!

Mitch Harley used to work with million dollar corporations to streamline their systems and processes to ensure they maintain steady growth while increasing their profits in business.

In this episode he shares how he has learned to be comfortable in the chaos and actually embraces challenges as a means for his own personal growth and development. Tune in to learn more about how you too can build BULLETPROOF confidence that will make you unstoppable in business!

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