Episode 30 | Deasha Waddap | A crash course on marketing for beginners

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Introduction to Deash Waddap and Her Consulting Business

In our conversation Social media and business consultant, Deasha Waddap, shares her journey from being self-taught to coaching and consulting businesses to scale six and seven-figure businesses using Facebook. She started her business in 2016 as a social media management agency and has been scaling up from there. Deasha is a Facebook lead trainer qualified by Facebook to help businesses with marketing. She also works internationally with clients and loves the digital nomad lifestyle. In this podcast, Deasha shares tips and hacks on Facebook and how to achieve success using it. She encourages building skills by teaching oneself and gaining experience through freelancing.

Diversifying Your Social Media Portfolio for Business Growth

In this episode we discuss the evolution of the internet, emphasizing the importance of diversifying a business’s social media portfolio. Although platforms like Facebook and YouTube are popular, new ideas are being born on new platforms. That’s why it has become increasingly important to experiment with new technologies so you can maximize your businesses impact online. Focus on 1-3 platforms that you enjoy and where your ideal clients are, rather than spreading your efforts too thin. Good quality content is key, defined as value content that educates the audience and provides entertainment, rather than solely promoting a product. This approach caters to the consumer’s buying cycle, leading to better engagement and business growth.

Why Utility Matters: The Power of HubSpot’s YouTube Strategy over WordPress

HubSpot’s YouTube strategy outperformed WordPress despite the latter’s robustness and longevity in the website building space. WordPress has thousands of videos on YouTube but only has a few thousand subscribers while HubSpot only has 30 videos yet has over 43,000 subscribers. This indicates that utility matters when it comes to social media marketing. A customer might not necessarily engage with a brand even if they are advocates. Meanwhile, creating polarizing content and building a community can help businesses thrive. Facebook’s community-building features make it an excellent platform for this, especially with groups.

Why “Value First” ALWAYS wins

Providing value to online communities is a great way to build a business. By becoming the go-to person in specific groups, individuals can build their reputation and garnish an abundance of referrals without actively promoting their services. Providing value doesn’t mean just selling. It’s also essential to communicate well and avoid being judgmental or negative. By focusing on relationships and long-term value instead of just one-time customers, businesses can build meaningful connections that benefit everyone involved. Embracing negative comments and changing the narrative can also help individuals develop a thicker skin and deal with criticism effectively.

Stop Using Direct Messaging as Cold Calls on Social Media

Cold outreach is a complicated and fickle beast. Using direct messaging (sliding into the DMs) on social media as a cold-calling sales strategy is tricky and usually doesn’t work. Poorly executed unsolicited sales pitches sent to people can quickly tarnish a person’s reputation and have other lasting negative effects like getting shadow banned or blacklisted on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. (They deny doing this but the recent Twitter Leaks indicate that they’ve been lying to us all along.) A good best practice is to begin authentically engaging with people’s content first and then, when appropriate, send them personalized messages with real tangible value. If it feels like you’re giving away too much it’s just the right amount. Building organic relationships with people can take a lot of time, but it is a more effective strategy for growing your business than any other “10x” tactic you’re ever going to deploy.

You hate it but It’s a mindset thing. It’s ALWAYS a mindset thing.

This might be going too deep for some but the real key is to overcome a scarcity mindset when acquiring clients. The first step is to focus on controllable actions, such as initiating sales conversations, rather than just focusing on getting more clients. Setting achievable goals is also important. Take time to pat yourself on the back and acknowledge the small accomplishments along the way. The power of having a positive mindset that views success as inevitable and failures as learning opportunities will give you leverage to earn your place at the top of the game. Celebrating small wins along the way, like buying a bottle of champagne in anticipation of achieving a goal, can help shift one’s mindset from scarcity to abundance.

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