Episode 34 | Megan Bello | What Is Self Reliance in Business & Life

From Chicken Farmer to Real Estate Mogul: An Unconventional Story

Megan Fuller is a woman with a fascinating story. After a series of failures in her life, Megan decided that 2020 would be her year. She panic-bought 200 chickens, ducks, and turkeys when the pandemic began and nurtured them into adulthood. Megan’s love for animals and her desire for self-sustainability motivated her to continue her passion for farming. She also pursued her career in real estate, which she started in 2015. Megan loves how real estate allowed her to live the life she wanted, including having 150 chickens. Her unconventional story highlights how you can always follow your dreams, no matter how unique they may seem.

Navigating the Real Estate World: Tips from an Expert

Real estate is often seen as an easy way to make money, but the reality is much more complicated. As a real estate agent, you need a financial cushion to cover expenses, and you’ll face numerous obstacles, including brokerage fees and competition from other agents. However, there are ways to navigate these challenges and succeed in the industry.

One approach is to be clear about your goals and values. If you’re committed to the profession, you can push through the tough times, like making countless cold calls to fill your database. You can also seek out supportive brokerages that encourage you and work to advance your interests.

It’s important to recognize that the real estate industry can be cutthroat, with agents fighting against each other instead of collaborating. However, the most successful agents are those who approach the industry with a spirit of abundance and see themselves as part of a larger community that benefits from working together.

In summary, being a real estate agent requires hard work, determination, and the willingness to face rejection and obstacles. However, with the right mindset and approach, you can build a successful career and thrive in this exciting and dynamic field.

Creating Awesome Real Estate Agents in Denver Metro Area

Real estate agents need to be great at their job, but they also need to be able to sell themselves. The real estate industry has created a culture that forces agents to lure people and put themselves in a position of power and prominence over them. It is essential to create a culture where agents can have freedom through real estate, live their lives, and have the dream they want to have. To help agents achieve this, it is crucial to partner with other companies and provide education to agents. The focus should be on creating amazing agents who can go out there and do good business.

The Importance of Boundaries for Successful Sales: Expert Tips

Setting boundaries is vital for personal and professional success, especially in sales. Many people believe that hustling means working 24 hours a day, but that’s not true. Hustling means putting in solid time when you’re working, and this can be achieved by setting boundaries. It’s okay to have boundaries, including not answering your phone at 10:00 at night. It takes time for the effects of implementing boundaries to show, but they are worth the effort. In sales, setting boundaries helps you avoid burnout, improve work-life balance, and achieve more success. Remember, “no” is a complete sentence.

Personal Development: Taking Responsibility for Your Life

Personal development is a vital aspect of self-improvement, and many people seek to grow and change themselves. However, reading personal development books alone may not suffice to bring about positive change in your life. While reading books can inspire, motivate and enlighten, it is crucial to recognize that real change happens from within. That said, the first step in personal development is taking responsibility for your life. You must realize that everything that happens in your life is your responsibility. If your life sucks, it is most likely your fault, and you must take charge of the situation. Take control of the situation by focusing on influence, not control, and remember that your life is in your hands.

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