Episode 43 | Joe Vargas | It’s not what you know, but who you know.

Build your network on purpose.

In this episode @JoeVargas The Hustler himself, Mitch, and Devon engage in a thought-provoking conversation covering a wide array of topics. Joe, who has a VERY unique life story, delves into personal experiences, shedding light on their journey of self-discovery and the challenges he’s faced as a self made man.

In the first part of the episode, we explore Joe’s experience in the military, his intuitive ability to perceive people’s intentions and energy, and the enlightening experience that has come with his superpower. The discussion touches on societal misconceptions about autism and frustration with the lack of comprehensive knowledge.

The conversation delves into the speaker’s personal life, manifesting desires, and the role of energy and self-understanding. Vargas shares stories of unexpected gifts and reflects on his two marriages, highlighting his journey to find true love.

Joe also discusses his involvement in the CBD industry, ownership of Hustler Academy, and the mentorship opportunities he offers. He also mentions his new venture that allows for individuals to book time with influential figures for guidance.

To find more from our guest:

Instagram: @hustler
Email: contact@hustleracademy.com

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