Episode 48 | Beyond the Leaf: Melissa Rutherford’s Advocacy for a Misunderstood Industry

In this episode, Melissa Rutherford and host Devon dive into the evolving world of cannabis, covering the intricacies of the industry, the journey of passionate entrepreneurs navigating complex regulations, and Melissa’s unexpected transition from a career in risk management and compliance to becoming a pivotal figure in cannabis.

Melissa Rutherford brings a rich background in risk management and compliance across diverse sectors, including electronic waste, the reverse supply chain, and fast fashion, notably in sneakers. This experience uniquely positioned her to fill a niche in the cannabis industry, a field she entered through a recruiter’s call that transformed her career trajectory.

Despite her initial unfamiliarity with cannabis, Melissa’s expertise in regulatory systems and standard operating procedures made her an invaluable asset in navigating the cannabis industry’s complex legal landscape.

The conversation delves deeper into the regulatory challenges faced by cannabis entrepreneurs, the transformative potential of cannabis in medical and recreational contexts, and the importance of education and normalization in changing public perception. Melissa’s personal journey, from skepticism to advocacy, underscores the broader narrative of cannabis’s evolving role in society and the need for a nuanced understanding of its benefits and regulatory challenges.

To find more from Melissa Rutherford, explore her insights and experiences in the cannabis industry here: 1620partners.com or email her at the following address: melissa@1620partners.com 

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