Happiness Matters | From Stock Broker to Rock Star | Episode 29

In this episode Robert Garcia, Mitch, & Devon have a conversation about how difficult it was to step away from a job that was paying him well, what he did to support his dream, and what his plans are for the foreseeable future.

Robert is a solo performing musician with a passion for singing and playing the guitar. He spent 10 years as a stock broker before eventually discovering that he felt stifled and stuck in a job he wasn’t passionate about.

After seeing some success in the world of finance Garcia found himself questioning some of the decisions he made that led him to feel trapped in an office chair. He made the decision to walk away from his firm and pursue his passion for music.

Although he hasn’t reached the pinnacle of fame he still finds a way to earn an income and share his talents with the world around him. He takes great pride in offering people fleeting moments of peace through his music.

Garcia talks about the importance of living a fulfilling life by pursuing your passions and allowing them to create opportunity. He mentions that the path he took didn’t entirely resemble the one he imagined but it has been very rewarding for him to dedicate his time to something that brings him and the people he serves joy.

To find more from Robert Garcia you can visit: http://robertgarciasoloact.com/

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