Planning Resources

Guide to Finding Your Podcast Niche:

Detailed steps to help you identify and define your podcast's unique niche.

Target Audience Persona Templates:

Create detailed profiles of your ideal listeners to tailor your content effectively.

Decision Matrix Template:

A e helps you evaluate and prioritize options based on specific criteria.

Podcasting Goals Worksheet:

A downloadable worksheet to help you set and track your podcasting goals.

SMART Goals Guide:

Learn how to set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals for your podcast.

Episode Planning Template:

A structured template to plan out each episode, including segments, key points, and call-to-actions.

Content Calendar:

A calendar template to organize and schedule your podcast episodes and related promotional activities.

Brand Identity Checklist:

A comprehensive checklist to ensure all elements of your brand are consistent and aligned with your podcast’s message.

Signature Solution Template:

A template to help you analyze topics in your niche and identify guests and opportunities for discussion.

Topic Research Template:

A guide to using AnswerThePublic and Google Keyword Planner to identify opportunities for your show.

Competitor Analysis Template:

A template to help you analyze other podcasts in your niche and identify opportunities.

Listener Survey Template:

A survey template to gather feedback from your audience and understand their preferences and needs.

Recommended Miscellaneous Tools:

A list of tools and software to assist in the podcasting process, including project management apps, content planners, and research tools.

Logo and Artwork Resources:

Tools and tips for creating professional-looking podcast logos and cover art.