Anything is Possible.

If you're on the path towards launching a podcast there's a lot to consider. What microphone to use, which camera is best, what kind of backdrop you have, who are you going to talk to, what are you going to talk about? These are all very important questions. It helps to know what your options are. Depending on what you want to invest into podcasting there are a ton of ways you can make it happen. At the end of the day knowing what the end result is will give you a good idea what you really do want from your podcast. Below are some examples of the different directions you can take.

Multicam in studio

If you're looking for visual variety in a location that you can control this is the solution for you. It will require an investment into all 3 categories of podcasting, lights, camera, and sound but the production value is at it's highest with this option.

Multicam On Location

If you're looking for the same visual variety as the first option but you also want to be able to go to new places and talk to people in their own environments this might be a better fit for you. Being able to be efficient and mobile are two benefits of this style of podcasting. The investment is a little more flexible here as you can use tools you may already have.

SIngle Camera On Location

If you are limited in resources but still want decent quality this style of podcasting may be more your flavor. It will require a bit more work on the creative side of the production but it's still entirely possible on a limited budget. Believe it or not, the audio for this interview was recorded through a $35 set of Apple ear buds plugged into a phone in the subjects pocket.

Fully remote

Let's say you want to record an interview on the fly with someone across the country without having to break the bank on airfare and accommodations. This is the best way for you to still capture high value conversations from the comfort of anywhere you find yourself.

Going rogue

Let's say you're one of those types of people that want to do things completely different. That's also possible. Take this example of a reality TV style show that documents a businesses experience and follows characters through their every day lives in a way that is both valuable to the listener and exciting to follow.

The sky's the limit

The punchline here is that a Podcast isn't just an ambiguous voice on a microphone talking about the latest and greatest. It's simply a medium through which valuable information is shared with the people who want to consume it. Think about it like this. Some people LOVE reading books. Others prefer watching the movie. And even more still prefer just to listen. That's where podcasting comes in. All you're doing is creating content in a predictable and digestible format that allows other people to share in your wisdom or insight. Or comedy, horror, fandom, or any other manner of distraction as entertainment. So the real question is not "What microphone should I use?" rather, "What kind of show do I want?"

WHat kind of show do you want?

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