Positive Workplace Culture | How putting people first will grow your business | Episode 16

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If your business is suffering from the challenges of a toxic workplace culture it could be coming from many different aspects of your business. If your team is unhappy in their workplace how do you expect them to perform at their best? Regardless of where the toxicity is coming from it’s important to foster a positive work environment because it’s affecting your bottom line!

Growing a business is a simple concept but as many know it can be very complex in its execution. Having your team working together to promote a positive space is crucial if you want to keep your ship afloat. After all, the people you employ or work with spend nearly a third of their life in the environment you’ve created and if you want to increase their productivity and earn more as a result you should be paying attention to the way you are leading your company culture.

Defining exactly where your company culture can stand to make improvements isn’t as tough as one might think. It starts with having conversations with the people in the space and asking the right questions. Of course, asking questions also means you need to have the courage to sit through it and actively listen to your team. Having an answer and an excuse isn’t going to help you create that positive work environment you’re after.

In this episode we have a conversation about the best way to have that conversation, ways to identify areas that need improvement, and how it all comes together to help you grow your business so you can build your empire!

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