Social Media Marketing | Unravelling the mysteries | Episode 10

When it comes to Social Media Marketing it’s almost like the wild west in a sense. If you truly want to understand Social Media Marketing you must first take into account the value of being social. It starts with creating a space for a good conversation around the things that your business does. As you build on that principle you will attract an audience of people on your various social media accounts who are interested in the solutions you provide. As you continue to serve your audience with content you can sprinkle in a mix of calls to action. Inspire them to learn more about you, solve their problems with your solutions, and eventually become advocates for your brand.

In this episode we share a conversation about Social Media Marketing with Michael Amore from Alpha Brand Marketing. We talk about how to effectively reach a group of people, build a relationship with them, and when the time comes, inspire them to take advantage of your offers so that you can build your empire!

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