Post Pandemic Business | Kobi Simmat on The Great Resignation | Episode 19

Over the last 12 months many businesses have felt the repercussions of “The Great Resignation”. Why? Because, the way we’ve been doing business isn’t sustainable. Working long hours for a business that you have no passion for, simply to take home a measly sub standard wage isn’t exactly attractive now is it?

The symptoms we’re seeing from The Great Resignation are in full swing. People are realizing that earning a small income from the comfort of their own home is worth more than sacrificing peace of mind and mental health in a toxic workplace. Archaic methods of management and ruling by the iron fist are sending people to the internet to find an alternative.

The world is rich with information with resources like YouTube, Wikipedia, and Google. People are a few keystrokes and mouse clicks away from finding the exact solution that meets their requirements. A decent income and a safe personal environment. If you’re unable to provide these elements in your workplace you’re going to suffer from a huge loss of your workforce. Stay ahead of the problem with some of the advice that Kobi Simmat has to share on this topic.

In this episode we have a conversation with Kobi Simmat about why people are leaving the workforce in droves and what you can do about it if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner.

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