Public Speaking Secrets | How to overcome your fear of public speaking | Episode 26

Is public speaking a fear of yours? Have you tried everything to overcome your fear of public speaking only to be met with that paralyzing fear anytime you’re challenged with an opportunity to share your ideas? There’s something you can do that will change that forever!

Peter Hopwood is Global Speaker Coach, Virtual Speaking Specialist & TEDx Coach. He also specializes in helping people with their Media Skills as an MC & Speaker. Peter has traveled the globe helping people define, craft, and share better stories that create a memorable impact. He helps executives, entrepreneurs and teams to develop their speaking style in front of a crowd or in a virtual setting, gain investment, and persuade with impact.

In this episode we explore some of Peter’s history, how he came to be an expert speaker and TEDx coach, and go deep into the realm of cadence, flow, story telling and how to overcome your fear of public speaking by developing your story telling skills.

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