Ready, Fire, Aim | Why chasing perfection is holding your business back | Episode 18

The biggest reason why people fail in business is because they give up after the first shot. The thing is, how can you hit a bullseye without first seeing how well your aim is? Chasing after perfection is the thing that’s holding you back from the success you desire. Above all else, you must TAKE ACTION!

The key to starting a successful business isn’t what you think. You may think that having a well laid out business plan or a million dollar marketing campaign is the path to freedom but the reality is much different. Being willing and able to try things and learn from them is the real path to success.

Fail fast, fail frequent, fail forward. Let me unpack that a bit. If you want to start a business you have to figure out the tools that you don’t have. Fail fast. Once you’re in pursuit of the goal, continue to find the things you need to reach the outcome you desire. Fail frequent. Leverage the experiences and knowledge you gain to compound the impact you and your team will make. Fail forward.

In this episode we have a conversation with Steve Wiltz about how to start something confidently and stay on your path with persistence and dedication, in the face of all obstacles, so you can build your empire!

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