Bootstrap Business | How do you build a business in your spare time? | Episode 12

So many people have a passion that they can turn into a business. But where do you start? Simon Sinek would recommend you begin with WHY. We love that philosophy so much that it inspired the very podcast you’re about to watch.

Building a business in your spare time can seem like a daunting task at first but if you let your passion get behind the wheel your doubts will begin to fade. These two strapping young men were tied up with college, family, friendships and all the other curiosities that took up their limited number of hours in a day but that didn’t stop them from pursuing their passion.

The business they built for themselves started with a little love for tinkering with health products in their kitchen and blossomed into a full blown production line and an unstoppable brand.

In this episode we have a conversation about what it means to let passion drive your actions, the power of supportive and transparent relationships, and evolving with the needs of the tribe to build an empire!

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