Side Hustles Win | No one wants to work anymore and here’s why! | Episode 24

Are you facing the challenge of hiring people post pandemic? Many businesses are struggling to rebuild the workforce after people have had an unintentional break. After months or even years of staying home and building up a side hustle it’s going to take a lot to convince someone to come back to work.

Mitch & Devon have been serial entrepreneurs for as long as it’s been an opportunity. Failing many times only to learn the process more intimately has afforded them the experience of learning what works and more specifically, what doesn’t! Building a team of people to help solve a big problem can sometimes be difficult but it’s not impossible and that’s what this conversation is all about.

In this episode we cover a story of a young lady who turned down a $70k/year salary at part time hours, why so many people are refusing to come back to work, and what business owners and entrepreneurs can do to overcome the challenges of the “new normal”.

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