Systems Win | How to create systems and processes for growth in your business | Episode 28

Do you feel like you’re always behind, running out of time, can’t rely on your team, or just generally out of sync in your business? Gary Bird shares how he overcame this challenge in his own 8 figure marketing agency using systems and processes that helped him stay organized, productive, and most importantly, always growing!

Gary Bird is the CEO and Host of Dental Marketing Theory as well as an amateur Rocket Enthusiast! If you’re an entrepreneur who’s gearing up to grow your company or recruit top talent, Gary is your first call. The founder and CEO of SMC National (featured on the INC 5000 list!), Gary is pioneering a new kind of marketing and recruiting strategy that emphasizes accountability, focus, and measuring data in real-time to produce predictable, stand-out results. But Gary is not just a numbers guy… He also understands that professional success can’t be separated from personal growth and that who you are determines what you can accomplish.

In this episode Gary Bird, Devon Jones, & Mitch Harley share some of their insights into the magic that goes into developing systems that serve not only your business but the people you employ AND your customers! If you want secrets form an 8 figure entrepreneur this episode is exactly what you’ll need to scale up your business and et yourself back on track!

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