The Great Resignation | Why don’t millennials want to work for you? | Episode 20

Have you heard of “The Great Resignation”?

Staff productivity is a big issue right now. As well as high employee turnover. And as the old saying goes… People don’t quit their job. They quit the management. If you have a high staff turnover your business is in trouble! Eventually the supply of people in the workforce is going to dwindle and you’re going to reach a point of no return.

Something else you should consider is how connected the word is now. If your business gets stuck with a bad reputation on the internet people won’t want to work for you. You could provide the best service or product in your industry but if you can’t handle managing your team no one will buy from you.

The world has changed and the old style of managing people has evolved with it. If you want to avoid the effects of “The Great Resignation” you need to act now! The younger generations are growing more and more present to the idea that ruling over your staff with an iron fist isn’t an effective way to motivate them. Instead, find and serve people who are in line with your mission and watch how quickly your business will flourish!

In this episode we have a conversation about how to adjust course and lead with kindness, empathy, and compassion so that you can grow your business into the empire you dream of.

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