Sales 101 | How to increase sales and earn more money | Episode 14

You already know that you need to increase your sales in order for your business to grow. But sometimes we forget about the little things. After all the day to day tasks that come with being a “firefighter” CEO it’s easy to be burnt out and put off the important things. If your business is struggling to stay in the black then this is for you!

Sales isn’t just the guy on the car lot following you around, or the unwanted phone calls right before supper. It’s about building relationships with the people your business serves and making sure they’re getting everything they need. Now, you and I may know that but does your team understand how important it is to be actively listening to the customer?

Many small business owners feel like the solution to most problems is to attract more customers into the business but that’s not always the best approach. What if you could increase the value of each customer and continue to serve the ones you have?

Your business would increase its revenue allowing you to free up your time and get back to enjoying the little things in life!

In this episode we have a conversation about evaluating your staff, increasing your customers’ value, and driving your bottom line through the room so you can build your empire!

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