Tik Tok Marketing | Build an audience not an ad campaign | Episode 21

It’s hard to be on the internet and not hear or see something related to Tik Tok. Afterall it is a pretty powerful platform when it comes to reaching people and building an audience. But how does that apply to you and your business or brand? Well, to put it simply, people HATE advertising but they love consuming entertaining content.

So what do you do to use Tik Tok effectively? Also very simple… You build an audience around an idea. Sounds easy but it’s much harder to put into practice, especially if you’re too close to the painting to see the masterpiece. So let’s take a step back and get a better view on the strategy and how you can use Tik Tok to effectively attract customer, leads, clients, and a community around your brand.

Step 1. Figure out who you’re helping.
Step 2. Figure out what you’re helping them with.
Step 3. Create content that brings value or starts a conversation around step 1 and 2.

This is the “Water Cooler” Effect. You become the place where people gather to talk about a centralized idea that you have a depth of knowledge in. When you foster that community and provide them with your business solutions you increase your chances of acquiring new prospects.

In this episode we have a conversation with Famous Tik Toker Chance “chancejterry” Terry about how he managed to acquire over half a million followers in less than a year making content that served his audience.

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