You want a podcast

But it seems overwhelming...

There are ton's
of reasons to
start a podcast

Launch Your Own Business

Podcasting is a low-cost and low-risk way to connect with an audience. It allows you to share your expertise, tell stories, or simply have conversations with interesting people. Because it's such a flexible medium you can use it to experiment with different themes and formats until you find what works best for you. And as you learn and grow with your audience your podcast will provide opportunities for monetization that will fuel your future.

Marketing For Your Business

Podcasting is a highly effective marketing tool for businesses to connect with their audience, establish themselves as thought leaders, and build brand awareness. Having the opportunity to authentically engage with your prospects through organic conversation creates a novel approach to customer acquisition. Having an abundance of content will give your brand an omnipresence like you've never seen before.

Adding New Revenue Streams

Connecting new people to your existing products and services, selling your own line of branded merchandise, collaborating with brands that serve your audience, earning affiliate commissions, earning sponsorships, and selling ad space are just a few of the several forms of income you can leverage through your podcast. Imagine the possibilities when you can converse directly with your ideal customers.

There are ton's
of things holding
you back though

Don't Know How To Interview

Talking to strangers is hard enough as it is. Figuring out how to find new people, sit down with them, and confidently extract the value your audience desires can trigger some serious anxierty. That fear is only there because it's an unknown. How would you feel if you had a clear framework that allowed you to interview new guests without even having to research them?

Intimidated By The Tech

With the technology that exists today you can literally record a podcast in a busy conference with your cell phone camera and you would be armed with enough raw material to create a serious impact online. And the quality would be spectacular if you found a way to leverage the tools at your disposal. See? That's not as scary as you thought is it?

Unsure Of The Process

You've already taken the hardest step. Deciding to commit to giving it an honest go was the moment you unlocked unlimited potential. Now that you're here you can decide to take the long road and enroll in YouTube university and start searching your brains out OR... You can skip all that and follow a simple step by step framework and be up and running in no time!

The 1% method solves all that

There's a reason why only 1% of people are successful. They take action consistently over time. We can help you take those steps without any overwhelm. Build your brand, celebritze yourself just like the pros.

Confidently find and speak to high quality guests, capture authentic and unique content that is packed full of value, build an audience around your brand, serve them, build your business, earn money, get back your time, and do the things you actually want to do in your life.

Step 1: Who & What

There are two very important questions you need to ask before you begin. Who are you helping and what are you helping them with? This will become the foundation for every decision you make moving forward.

Step 2: The Talent

Interviewing a stranger can be VERY intimidating. What if you had a show structure that’s so easy to follow it feels like having a normal conversation with an old friend? We’ve all said it before, if someone was recording this conversation they would have loved it! Well, now you can get both.

Step 3: The Set

Do you have ten’s of thousands of dollars to invest in building a dedicated set for your show? Well, I guess you can’t have a show then. Think again! You can literally do all this from your phone. But maybe you do want a microphone. So let’s see where your at and what you need to get there. From an EXPERTS perspective not from guessing!

Step 4: The Guests

Finding high profile guests for your show can be intimidating. Who are you to talk to them after all? That’s why most people never get to experience the power of just asking. You’d be surprised how simple it is to find and connect with influential people that can serve your audience. Follow a simple outreach system that get’s you great guests fast!

Step 4: Recording

Microphones, mixing boards, video cameras, computers, cables, lighting… Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? In an effort to untangle the mess for you, it’s this simple. Hit record. You don’t need all the fancy stuff but if you really want it, we can make it simple for you. 

Step 5: Editing

Computer software can be tricky. Especially if you’re new to it. There’s a ton of little details that are easily overlooked. you need a system that you can follow that will allow you to simply plug in your raw elements and call it a day. It doesn’t take much to cross over from amateur to professional finished product Just a bit of know-how!

Step 6: Distribution

The key to the 1% method is how omnipresent you become. You’ll have so much content going out every single day that, no matter where your people are, your content will find them and bring them to you. It’s as simple as this. Your content will get seen by approximately 200 new people, across 1-2 posts on 6-10 different platforms, so over the span of a month you’re going to reach well over 30 thousand people. How could that help you?

Step 7: Marketing

You’ve just seen what the organic reach can be. Imagine adding some rocket fuel to that. On each of the platforms you put your content on you have the opportunity to pay to get in front of new people faster. With just a few hundred dollars each month you can reach hundreds of thousands of people more.

Step 8: Monetization

You can sell your products to your audience. You an sell your services to them too. But it doesn’t end there. You can sell other peoples products and services to your audience as well. You can also create products and services based on what problems your audience mentions and sell that back to them even easier. Not to mention how many other business that are willing to pay you to tap into the attention you’re getting. The potential is UNLIMITED. 

Who follows The 1% method?

Just about every celebrity entrepreneur or YouTube star has followed a very similar framework for producing hit viral content that has propelled them into stardom. Following the 1% Method you'll be able to unlock the same cheat codes for yourself.

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